What would you do with 3.15 billion euros per year?

In shipping, ships calling at European ports will have to offset 40% of their CO2 emissions from 2024. There is a lot of money in there that is used to invest in the development of green technologies.

Here’s a rough estimate:

We have around 700,000 port calls in European ports every year (Statista).

Let’s assume that 50% came from or went to outside Europe and that these ships sailed from abroad for an average of 5 days before calling at a European port.

And let’s guess that the average consumption is about 15 tons of bunkers per day.

Annual fuel consumption would be 50% x 700,000 x 5 days x 15 tons = 26,250,000 tons

One bunker ton produces around 3 tons of CO2. The CO2 price is around €80/mt. 50% of the CO2 must be compensated.

The following amounts would be available for inventing green technologies in shipping:

  • In 2024: 40% = €1.26 billion
  • In 2025: 70% = €2.2 billion
  • From 2026 100% = €3.15 billion per year.

These figures do not include intra-European traffic (100% compensation).

You could do this every (!) year for €3.15 billion

  • Hire 31,500 engineers to think exclusively about how to make the shipping industry 100% carbon-free
  • Installation of 3.15 gigawatts of solar panels (1000 €/KW), equivalent to the required power of 787 ships (4 MW per main engine)
  • Development and construction of 126 innovative, CO2-free new sailing ships (€25 million per ship)
  • Digitize all European ports for free to ensure transparent traffic monitoring and reduce waiting times

Okay, it’s a very rough estimate. But there’s money in it. What do we do with it in Europe to safe the planet?

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