Fleettracker comes with a lot of great features to ease daily business in shipping.


Comprehensive, individual arrival, departure and noon reports – for exact data collection of port calls, ROBs and consumptions.

Data Quality

MRV & IMO DCS Data Management: Record, check and submit the consumption and emission data of your fleet reliably – for a stress-less, smooth verification process.

Verification & Certificates

Comply safety with all CO2 rules and save time and money. We support you also after the hand-over to the verifier.

CII Monitoring

CII Management: Keep an eye on the ship CII rating every day and see immediately whether a voyage is improving or getting worse.

World-wide Fleet Tracking

AIS Position Data

See the past position reports including course and speed of every ship in your fleet – on demand for the last 3 years.


Mark on the sea charts certain areas like war risk zones and Fleettracker will inform automatically all involved participants if your ship enters and leaves the marked area.

Route Calculator

Use the build-in route calculator for your own quick estimation port-to-port or ship-to-port.

Weather Forecast & Sea Charts

Display the up-to-date weather forecast data as an overlay of street maps, satellite maps or sea charts. Customize your view by
overlapping them and adjusting the opacity.

Schedule Management and Reporting

Noon- and performance reports

Get an overview of consumption, ROBs, weather conditions and much more with the noon and performance reports.

Online form processing

Stay in control and easily update the reports of your ships from shore. You can always make corrections, download the forms or print them.

Data communication in forms

Transfer all relevant data collected in Fleettracker into important forms such as eNOA / D.

Schedule management

Whether it is ETA, ETD, ETB, position list, agent data, port activities, arrival or departure reports – all schedule data entered on-board are neatly displayed on my.fleettracker.de for all parties involved. 

Arrival- & Departure-Reports

Display all important information about your fleet like arrival and departure times in the schedule.

Agents and port activities

Be easily informed about the contact data of your responsible agent and verify what is happening with your ships in port. 

Position list

See with just one click, which ships are currently in use and which ports they are calling.

Alerts via e-mail

Do not lose time and keep your team up to date about schedule changes and selected reports via automatic e-mail messages. 

Fleet Performance

Analysis data

Fleettracker comes with CO2 analysis and check functions that eases the control of data quality.

Excel download

Apply analytical data to existing or new excel files or view the data in versatile graphics on my.fleettracker.de.

Individual analysis

In addition to the build-in Fleettracker modules, you can easily create your own analysis with the elements of your choice. 

EEOI function

View current and past EEOI with one click, compare emissions with sister ships, and evaluate the efficiency of your fleet.


Use the Fleettracker dashboard to check alert messages and investigate deviations with our analyses.

Fuel management

Get informed about the different fuel consumption of each ship of your fleet and set the values concerning distance and draft.

„Herberg Systems managed to develop a tool that clearly shows the report data and reveals which data still needs to be revised. This greatly simplifies our EU MRV and IMO DCS reporting. “

Jan-Hendrik Dammann
Project Manager at Harren & Partner