Welcome on board of Fleettracker

We are looking forward to join forthes with you.

Learning to know Fleettracker

Welcome on board! We will be happy to show you in an online presentation how you can benefit from Fleettracker. Just fill out the form to book an online presentation and let us know when you have time for a chat via Zoom or live.

Your 4-weeks Fleettracker trial

After the presentation, you evaluate the system by yourself. For this purpose, we offer a 4 weeks Fleettracker trial. We set up a dedicated system for you ready to use.

During our trial onboarding, we guide you through the details of the tool. Gather some players from your team around you and reserve some hours for learning how the systems works for you and your colleagues.


Okay – you made your decision for Fleettracker: Great! What’s next?

First step is to role out the reporting software to your fleet. This implementation normally takes some 3 to 5 days. Then, we run the Fleettracker Onboarding especially for you and give you and your colleagues a training course. Normally, this is straight forward since Fleettracker is pretty easy to use.

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“For years are we realizing exciting software projects with Herberg Systems. The team has a lot of expertise, works agile and customer orientated. The software solutions by Herberg Systems are valuable, practical and perfectly custom-built for our sector. We just feel understood and well advised.”

Hendrik Meyer
Harren & Partner Group of Companies