Monitor your CII Rating. Daily.

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Your Carbon Itensity Indicator (CII) Rating

Keep an eye on the ship CII rating every day and see immediately whether a voyage is improving or getting worse.

CII is more than just another regulation. This new KPI indicates how much CO2 a ship emits per mile. CII (Carbon Intensity indicator) rating will have significant influence on the future chartering parties and may even lead to a denial of the document of compliance (DoC).

The goal is clear: lower CO2 emissions are good for the environment. This also applies to shipping, which is already very efficient. After all, no other transport has as few emissions per transported ton as a ship. Nevertheless, the pressure on shipping to reduce emissions is growing for good reasons. In the future, the rating will mean that ships can be chartered better or worse.

And here there is a conflict: The ship manager has the responsibility for the CII of the fleet. However, the charterer decides where and how a ship is operating. Anchorages and canal passages can have significant impact to the rating.

This requires a much closer cooperation between the ship manager and the charterer in terms of how the ship is used, where and how fast it sails and how long it is at anchor. Timely reporting is an important prerequisite for this cooperation. Only if the ship manager can see where something is going wrong on a daily basis, he can react promptly and take countermeasures.

We have therefore developed a special solution that ensures that the user can quickly see where the fleet and the individual ship stands on a daily basis in terms of its CII rating. Our goal is that everyone can immediately see where something needs to be done.

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Fleettracker provides you with an exact overview of the CII trends of each vessel at a glance. A dedicated dash board shows in detail which voyages contribute to a bad or good rating. By means of this tool, super-intendants can immediately react, without calculations or email communication.

By a mouse click, you can open the related reported data and cross-check what happened in detail. If required, Fleettracker can even show trends based on noon reports. An attached chart allows to visualize the past track of a particular voyage and see where the CII rates where higher or lower.

With CII monitoring, you can keep your CO2 risk under control and ensure that you are warned of unpleasant surprises at an early stage. That creates a lot of planning security.