Data Quality Management

Your personal service for better data quality.

Your Data Quality Management for MRV & IMO DCS

Record, check and submit the consumption and emission data of your fleet reliably – for a stress-less, smooth verification process.

The quality of reported consumption and ROB data from on board are becoming increasingly important in order to make the right decisions. They are also the basis for the CO2 assessment of the vessels and thus influence how well a ship can be chartered in the future.

However, even the most careful crew makes mistakes when entering data. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a typo or an accidentally forgotten entry – a critical look is always required before the data go to the verifier.

Without appropriate software, this can be very extensive, because for each port call it must be ensured that the different types of fuel have been correctly taken into account, that bunkering has been entered correctly and that the route covered is really plausible compared to the AIS positions.

This means a considerable amount of work for ship management, especially at the beginning of each year, when the data has to be checked, compiled and, if necessary, corrected. In addition, bunker delivery notes must be assigned to the individual bunker events. Hours can quickly turn into days without powerful analysis functions that quickly show where which data may not be correct. Then staff is tied up, which could often urgently be used elsewhere.

Therefore, we have implemented comprehensive quality control functions with Fleettracker, which considerably simplify the quality check. We have used our experience from the past years to build a user interface that immediately shows where something doesn’t fit. You can even assign bunker delivery notes (BDN) directly to the corresponding port calls.

With Fleettracker you get an overview of all voyages made by a specific ship within one year. Furthermore, Fleettracker summarizes the emissions for the whole year, but also for each individual trip. You can also use a chart with past track from AIS positions to cross-check whether the data has been entered correctly. You have access to the associated arrival and departure reports to correct the data if required. Off course, all changes are recorded. Automatic email messaging functions inform captains and officers on board about typos and unclear reports.

By means of these functions, you improve the data quality about emissions and consumptions significantly and prepare for the future CII rating.

Data Quality Service

Your personal MRV/IMO DCS data quality service – saving your time and money

MRV, IMO DCS and now CII – all this takes a lot of time. In particular, checking the reported data, plausibility checks and communicating with the ships is time-consuming. That is why the work is often left undone until last. When trying to compile missing data, the responsible officers are sometimes no longer on board or the information can no longer be reproduced. In case of doubt, it is time-consuming to collect voyage data again after more than a year. In addition, the employees in the inspection department are not familiar with all the details of the various regulations and first have to familiarize themselves with the matter.

In addition, you have the communication with the various verifiers. They require different procedures and data formats. An Excel sheet is enough for some verifiers, some have special platforms on the Internet.

Therefore, we offer a personal MRV/IMO DCS quality service. We have put together a select team of experts who will take care of your fleet and accompany you throughout the whole process.

We help you with all this issue saving you time and money. Our quality team does a weekly quality check so that data can be corrected immediately and more reliable. We are in frequent communication with your crews on board, checking reported data, giving feedback and support. When the data have to be transferred to the verifier, we are working hand-in-hand to compile all necessary information like e.g. BDNs and help your team ashore with transmission of the reports to the appropriate institutions.

„Herberg Systems managed to develop a tool that clearly shows the report data and reveals which data still needs to be revised. This greatly simplifies our EU MRV and IMO DCS reporting. .”

Jan-Hendrik Dammann
Project Manager at Harren & Partner