Ship-to-Shore Data Reporting

Collect and analyse your consumptions and ROBs in a standardized way.

Reporting from aboard

Comprehensive, individual arrival, departure and noon reports – for exact data collection of ROBs and consumptions

The right decisions require a good and reliable data basis. The crew on board has a key position here, because it is in their hands to record the current ROBs. The more accurate and plausible the data entered, the better the decisions based on it can be.

In addition to the European MRV directive, Fleettracker also support the worldwide IMO/DCS requirement, UK MRV and CII. The new CII regulation sets stricter standards and leads to a CO2 rating for every ship. The stricter the guidelines, the more important it is to have appropriate reporting that reliably collects the necessary data.

Fuel costs and the associated emissions are playing an increasingly important role when chartering a ship. There is a growing demand from the market to enable transport that is as environmentally friendly as possible. The more reliable consumption data is available, the better far-reaching strategic decisions can be made.

With more than 20 years of experience in ship-to-shore data reporting and data processing, Fleettracker helps you to avoid the pitfalls and problems that arise when entering ROBs and consumption. Because it’s not just about the collection of data, but also their context in everyday maritime life. Fleettracker takes care for the entires collection process of data.