Your solution for MRV, CII and EU ETS.

For the perfect monitoring of consumption and emissions.

One complete system

For reporting, data quality and verification

With Fleettracker you meet the reporting obligations according to EU MRV, ETS, IMO DCS and CII. You will be supported by our innovative software solution specially developed for emissions reporting. Easily, reliably and quickly.

You will find all data bundled in Fleettracker. View the data and correct errors with just a few clicks. Of course, we will take care of you personally at every step. So that you save more time for other work.

Fleettracker covers the entire reporting and verification process. With the reporting of ROBs and bunkering on board, the data analysis and quality service to the certificate from the verifier – with Fleettracker you have one system for MRV, IMO DCS and CII.


Record, check and submit the consumption and emission data of your fleet reliably – for a stress-less, smooth verification process.

Every year, shipping companies forward the compiled CO2 emission values to the verifiers. For MRV, it can be an accredited organization, for IMO DCS, the flag state is responsible for this regulation.

The collected data of a complete year are comprehensive and the verification process costs a lot of hours beside the daily work. Verifiers frequently request additional information like bunker delivery notes to do their work.

With Fleettracker, you have all data at hand so that missing information can directly be delivered from aboard within the reporting software.

CII Management

Keep an eye on the CII rating every day and see immediately whether a voyage is improving or getting worse.

CII (Carbon Intensity indicator) is the CO2 rating for vessels. In future, every shipping company calculates and verifies the CII value for each ship on a yearly basis. Depending on the CII, more and more charterers will make their decisions for a particular vessel or company.

Therefore, a daily monitoring of the CII values is essential to make the right decisions in time. A good rating can have significant impacts on the charter parties, and may even contribute to better contracts.

With Fleettracker, you monitor your CII every day and react immediately to ensure that everything is going right.


Comply safety with all CO2 rules and save time and money

We are sure: Emission controlling of ships will become more important. Therefore, we want our customers to be prepared for the future and to comply with all CO2, NOx and SOx rules already today.

We help you to cope with all existing and future regulation regarding CO2 and other emissions. MRV, MRV UK, IMO DCS and CII – save your time and use a year-proven system to implement your professional emission reporting. We provide you with the necessary software tools and a personal quality check service that will support you and your crew aboard at any stage of the process.
By the way: We can role out Fleettracker CO2 reporting within one week to the entire fleet.


Obtain always up-to-date ETAs and ETDs automatically and save more time for important work

With Fleettracker, you have always an up-to-date schedule at hand including ETAs, ETDs, EOSP, BOSP and anchorage times. Fleettracker also includes agent details and many other information necessary for organizing supply, visits and crew changes.

Thanks to the cloud-based technology, everybody who has an account has access to these data. This saves a lot of phone calls and emails.

“We as a software company know how important a good collaboration is for the company’s success. We want to have fun at work. And we want our customers to have fun with our software”

Jan Herberg
Owner and Managing Director