Fleettracker Silver
The service package for optimal fleet management.

With Fleettracker Silver you will profit besides innovative tracking functions from the Basic package as well as from field-proven management tools that allows you to save a lot of time and money.

What was regulated otherwise cumbersome by phone or e -mail runs now automatically and structured. Whether you are up to date with timetables, the automated filling of extensive forms or regular reports - with the Fleettracker Silver functions you will facilitate your daily work tremendously and ultimately achieve even more success for your team.

Enjoy individuality to the fullest with the Silver Fleettracker functions - for example: We create reports and forms to suit your requirements.

Silver - Reporting

Reporting & form management

Structuring. Automating. Flow of information. By Fleettracker reporting tool you capture important data on board and provide it clearly on www.fleettracker.de for each user. Much of this data you will also need to fill in extensive forms.

Therefore, for example, our Fleettracker Form Manager who is officially approved for US eNOA/D, transfers the comprehensive data directly into the documents and so you are no longer wasting your time with filling in by hand. For optimum control your employees onshore can see, if and when a form notice has been given.

Basic functions

Your fleet in focus. At any time. Everywhere. Fleettracker Silver includes all extensive tracking features of the Basic Package and even more: You will see the last position reports including course and speed of each ship of your fleet for the last 3 years!

Form filling online

Edit. Correct. Complete. Remain in control and modify the reports of your ships from the comfort of onshore. Your advantage: You can always make corrections quickly and directly.

ISM and ISPS forms

Safe & practical. Increase the quality assurance on board with our forms to comply with the ISM and ISPS. Your advantage: The documents can be printed out and filed at any time.

Noon and performance reports

Day to day well-informed. Get your overview of consumption, stocks, weather conditions and much more customized with noon and performance reports. Your advantage: Acquisition of information for data analysis.

Data transmission in eNOA/D

Automate processes. Free up resources. Transfer automatically in the eNOA/D forms all the relevant data that is collected in Fleettracker. Your advantage: Fleettracker supports the latest version of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Fleet management

Fleet management

Transparency. Clarity. Efficiency. Across the years we have been developing continuously our schedule management tools together with our customers in order to offer you optimum functionality.

Whether ETA, ETD, ETB, position list, agent data, port activities, arrival or departure reports - all schedule data entered on board are clearly displayed on www.fleettracker.de for all participants. The result: An efficient flow of information and always up to date schedules.

Arrival & departure reports

Informative. Clear. Effective. Display all relevant data such as stocks and times for arrival or departure of your ships. Your advantage: Easy availability of data for further use.

Agent data & port activities

To know what's going on. Let us show quickly and easily the contact details of the responsible agents and find out about what is happening with your ships in the ports. Your advantage: Optimal overview.

Position list

One list. A lot of time saving. Take a look, which ships of your fleet are currently in use and what ports they call. Your advantage: No tedious updating and no more printing schedule lists manually.

Schedule & report messaging

Quickly informed. No time to lose. Keep your team always up to date about schedule changes and selected reports with the automatic e -mail notification. Your advantage: Better planning.


Crew management

Simplified workflows. Comprehensive overview. Ideal interpretability. Manage your crew with the Silver Fleettracker functions more efficiently and get a fast, fleet-wide overview of your crew.

In addition, you can transfer with Fleettracker extensive crew data automatically in lists and forms so you can ensure optimal traceability of crew activities and reduce the paperflow for all participants. Conclusion: Fleettracker crew management simplifies cumbersome work procedures.

Crew list

Less work. More time. Avoid having your team the constant input of recurring crew data. Once captured, they are automatically transferred in the IMO crew list and other forms. Your advantage: The list is always available.

Crew history

Who. When. Where. Check with this useful crew function by one click, who has worked in the past 3 years, in which period, on which ship. Your advantage: Maximum traceability.

Working hours and break times

Enter. View. Evaluate. Capture the times of your captains according to the guidelines of the Maritime Labour Convention. Your advantage: The data can be viewed on www.fleettracker.de from anywhere and can be analysed.

Silver - Reporting

Planned Maintenance

From the bolt to the engine. From the crane up to the pump. With the Fleettracker Planned Maintenance function, you allow the clear management of all the recurring maintenance and repair work on each of your ships, in the manufacturers and the class specified intervals.

Display the upcoming maintenance work easily on www.fleettracker.de and see also what work has already been carried out. Practical: The function can be used immediately like all Fleettracker tools without preparatory training.

Run hours & maintenance report

Everything at a glance. Inform yourself completely comfortable with the monthly run hours & maintenance report about the running times and the maintenance status of each machine and ship parts. Your advantage: Quick and easy overview.

Configuration to measure

By the way: Of course, single aggregates and entire aggregate groups can be configured in your Fleettracker Internet service individually!

Scheduling & documentation

Everything is under control. Terminate the current and future maintenance and check the work of the past 2 years. Your advantages: Simple coordination and traceability.

Silver - Options


Customized reports

Individually for each claim. To your Fleettracker Silver Package belongs regularly four reports in which you decide what elements they should contain. You want an unlimited number of customized reports? No problem - we will be pleased to create them for you!
Your advantage: Maximum flexibility.

Customized software development

Claims grow. Our software grows too. The visions of our customers have made Fleettracker to the innovative tool that it is today. Please tell us your preferred functions and we develop them for you! Your advantage: You receive everything from one source.


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