Your complete practical solution!

We put together the Fleettracker MRV Package for you in collaboration with the independent accredited certifier Swiss Climate EcoCare. It includes the proven Fleettracker reporting software for manual data entry on board
and the certificate for your annual emission report according to the regulation (EU) 2015/757.

Your Fleettracker MRV-Package:

  • Verified monitoring plan
  • Fleettracker reporting software
  • Online access to the Fleettracker portal
  • Annual data-audit and Document of Compliance
  • Data transmission to EMSA
  • Personal contact partner

Tip: You can simply download the excel file to create your monitoring plan at free of charge!

The regulation (EU) 2015/757 at a glance

From 1st April 2017

Publication of the accredited certifier responsible for verfying the monitoring plan and the collected annual emmission data and for issuing the document of compliance.

From 1st January 2018

All vessels over 5000 GT are committed to record annually their CO² emissions according to their monitoring plan.

Up to 31 August 2017

The shipping companies need a verified monitoring plan, which accurately describes how to record the CO² emissions of their fleet.

Up to 1st April 2019

The shipping companies have to audit and certificate their MRV data from a certifier (=document of compliance) and transmit it to EMSA in electronic form.

Without the Document of Compliance ships over 5000 GT are no longer authorised to enter EU ports for freight and passenger traffic!


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