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Think digital – Freiraum products for shipping and logistics

Why do we have such passion for software and for making operative processes less complicated? And why do we want to create Freiraum with our solutions for cloud, software and system integration? We could write a novel explaining it – but as we stand for efficiency we will cut to the chase: since the founding in 1998 the heart of Herberg Systems is that of an engineer – the heart of Managing Director Jan Herberg. Also, the people behind Herberg Systems like to work efficiently and think, that life is too beautiful to waste it with unnecessary work.

Lastly, our passion is based on the knowledge that operative software solutions are freeing companies from the pressure of competition. Freeing them from offering more for less. To establish the right software – even for classic along the way processes – can move mountains, can send your thoughts on a journey of discovery and can set free the undreamed energy for the essential tasks, which will lead your company into a secure future. Our vehement reply to “We always did it like that” therefore is: Think Digital!

This is what forms us

Due to the faster-progressing digitalisation, there is a steady transition. Nothing is fixed. Therefore, it is more important to have an experienced partner by your side whom you can fully rely on. We want to personally and with much energy support you in leading your company in an even more successful, digital future. That is our goal. Our fuel is:


We adjust to your requirements and put our trust in the power of small efficient steps to archive fast and sustainable success for you.


A relationship resting on trust is our basis for a good cooperation. Hence, a personal contact will be assigned for your support.


Since 1998 we are one of the leading providers of digital solutions in logistics. A big thank you to all our customers and employees.

Hendrik Meyer
Harren & Partner Group of Companies

"For years are we realizing exciting software projects with Herberg Systems. The team has a lot of expertise, works agile and customer orientated. The software solutions by Herberg Systems are valuable, practical and perfectly custom-built for our sector. We just feel understood and well advised."

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