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Fleettracker Service – Your software solution for your everyday life in shipping

Our Fleettracker service offers a standardized, web-based schedule management system, which can be used by all authorized users like supplier, agents, brokers, affiliates and of course your employees. All schedule information like ETA, ETD and agent data are delivered in a clear layout. Every participant will be automatically informed about changes in the schedule. Thus, you will have more time and energy for more relevant work.

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Founding year of the oldest still operating German shipping company
Merchant ships worldwide, approx.
of global goods are transported by merchant ships
ship positions are processed by Fleettracker daily

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World-wide Fleet Tracking

Fleettracker provides high-quality tracking. You should always keep important things in mind. Therefore, we offer a multifaceted basic package for the perfect overview of your fleet. Worldwide and whenever you need it. You can operate from your computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

In your password-protected area on, you can see detailed sea charts position, position, course, and speed of your ships and also benefit from useful monitoring functions.

As with all Fleettracker products, you will enjoy ultimate flexibility:
Starting with a free provider choice up to an unlimited account number. Without minimum turnover and monthly right of termination.


  • Past Track History
    Looking back. Controlling. Looking forward. You can see the past position reports including course and speed from every ship of your fleet. This is possible for requests from the last 3 years.
  • Geofencing
    Mark on the sea charts certain areas like war risk zones and Fleettracker will inform automatically all involved participants if your ship enters and leaves the marked area.
  • Polling on Demand
    More positions equal to more control. That is why you can temporally increase your polling intervals on
  • Weather forecast
    You can view the up-to-date weather data via the Fleettracker land, street, and sea charts.
  • Distance Calculator
    Small tool. Great effect. Determine fast and easy distances on the digital sea chart with only one click. You can use this information for your further planning
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Schedule Management and Reporting

For efficient fleet management: Fleettracker offers besides field-tested management functionalities for an efficient flow of information.

Everything that was managed by phone or e-mail, is now automatic and structured. Whether you need up-to-date timetables, the automated filling of extensive forms or regular reports – with Fleettracker functions you will facilitate your daily work tremendously and ultimately achieve even more success for your team.

The best part: You enjoy individuality to the fullest with the Fleettracker reporting functions - for example, we create reports and forms to suit your requirements.


  • Online form processing
    Stay in control and easily edit the reports of your ships from shore. You can always make corrections, download the forms and print them out.
  • Noon- and performance reports
    Being informed on a daily basis. Get an overview of usages, stocks, weather conditions and much more with the noon and performance reports.

  • Data communication in forms
    Transfer all relevant data collected in Fleettracker into important forms such as Eg eNOA / D.

  • Schedule management
    With our customers, we steadily develop our fleet management tool so we can offer you optimized functionalities. Whether it is ETA, ETD, ETB, position list, agent data, port activities, arrival or departure reports – all timetable data entered on board are neatly displayed on for all parties involved. 
  • Arrival- & Departure-Reports
    View all important information of your fleet like stocks and arrival and departure times in the schedule.

  • Agents and port activities
    Get easily informed about the contact data of your responsible agent and find out, what is happening with your ships at the ports. 

  • Position list
    See with just one click, which ships are currently in use and which ports they are calling.

  • Alerts via e-mail
    Do not lose time and keep your team up to date about schedule changes and selected reports via automatic e-mail messages. 

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Fleet Performance and CO2 Management

The service for automated data analysis: Calculate, compare and evaluate data – that is part of your daily work routine. With Fleettracker you can do the time-consuming evaluation automatically at the touch of a button.

You can use our versatile analyses or choose individual data and Fleettracker can compile the information in graphics and charts. For every ship and your complete fleet.


  • Analysis data
    Fleettracker contains the versatile tracking and reporting functions from our service.

  • Excel and web depiction
    Apply analytical data to existing or new excel files or view the data in versatile graphics on

  • Individual analysis
    In addition to the existing Fleettracker evaluations, you can easily create your own analysis with the elements of your choice. 

  • EEOI function
    View current and past EEOI with one click, compare emissions with sister ships, and evaluate the efficiency of your fleet.

  • Dashboard
    Receive via our dashboard alert messages for example for higher fuel consumption and control the reasons with our analyses.

  • Fuel management
    Get informed with one click about different fuel consumptions of each ship of your fleet and set the values in relation to distance and draught.

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Fleettracker App

To make sure, that you always have an overview of your fleet and its current status, we offer you our Fleettracker app. Use the app on your smartphone or tablet to call up all relevant fleet information at any time. You can find our app in the Google Play Store and in the IOS Store.

The app supports the following functionalities:

  • AIS positions
  • Fleet schedule
  • Ship schedule
  • Agent information for the ports in the schedule


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Fleettracker Interface

We offer a number of interfaces for other software products so that Fleettracker can be perfectly and easily integrated into your everyday work. This means that inputted data can be used within Fleettracker and can be transferred into other software. Thus Fleettracker ensures that you work efficiently.

We offer the following interfaces:


We continuously develop our software. We have our own software team in Hamburg. Thus, we can offer our customers flexible adaptations to the software.

M2M interfaces

Of course, we integrate with our Application Programming Interface (API) other providers into the Fleettracker service. Your advantage: You can export and import a variety of data and get access to different systems with just one login on

Software development

Demands grow and our software grows along with it. The visions of our customers formed Fleettracker to an innovative tool. So, tell us about your preferred functionalities and we will develop them. Your advantage: You will get everything from one provider.

Jan Herberg
Managing Director Herberg Systems

„Our goal is to make the operative day to day work of shipping companies easier. Furthermore, we want that our customers save time and money on a daily basis. So, they can concentrate on the work that is important. We successfully offer these services for 18 years.“

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