Fleettracker Gold
The service package for automatic data analysis.

Calculate data, compare, evaluate - this is part of the daily tasks of your team. With Fleettracker Gold you do the time-consuming evaluation automatically at a touch of a button.

Use our versatile analysis or select individually from the data, which Fleettracker puts in relation in graphics and spreadsheets for you. For every single ship and your entire fleet.

There is a clever principle behind it: All required tracking and reporting data for the data analysis you will obtain from Fleettracker Basic and Silver and are included in the service package Gold for you.

„Fleettracker gives us control over our fleet,
delivers a reliable reporting tool and keeps everybody
informed about the sailing prospects.”

Frank W. Heidrich, Reederei Thomas Schulte



Data from Basic and Silver

Fleettracker Gold also includes the versatile tracking and reporting features of our service packages Basic and Silver. Your advantage: All data determined are of high quality and are included in your analysis.

Excel and web presentation

Adopt the analytical results into new or existing Excel spreadsheets or display the data in the versatile graphics on www.fleettracker.de. Your advantage: Thanks to the automatic presentation you save valuable time.

Individual analysis

Create easily your own analysis with the elements of your choice. Your advantage: You get exactly the values you need and enjoy the most flexibility.

EEOI functions

Get current and past EEOI with a click, compare the emissions with sister ships and rate the efficiency of your fleet. Your advantage: More transparency in terms of environmental friendliness.

  • Slideshow Fleettracker Analyse
  • Slideshow Fleettracker Analyse
  • Slideshow Fleettracker Analyse

KPI function

Categorise the performance of your ships quickly and easily and use KPIs to assess and control your entire fleet. Your advantage: Increased efficiency through innovative controlling.


Receive alerts via our dashboard, for example during increased fuel consumption and see in the analysis what is the reason therefore. Your extra advantage: Find out immediately where action is required.

Fuel management

Keep yourself informed about the different fuel consumptions of each ship in your fleet and set the values in relation to distance and chargo load. Your advantage: Overview in fuel management.



Free system interfaces

We look forward to integrate with our Application Programming Interface (API) other providers of your choice in the Fleettracker Internet Service. Your advantage: You can export and import a variety of data and get access to different systems with just one login on www.fleettracker.de.

Customized software development

Claims grow and our software grows too. The visions of our customers have made Fleettracker to the innovative tool that it is today. For that reason tell us about your preferred functions and we develop them for you! Your advantage: You receive everything from one source.


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